Monday, May 23, 2016

Recollection & Friendship


& Friends

Comboni Animation Center

Considering that this is the rainy season, we were happy that God provided a beautiful day on 7 May 2016 for the religious of the Gulu area to enjoy a Day of Recollection planned by the local leadership of ARU.  (ARU is an acronym for Association of Religious of Uganda.  All the religious of the area are welcome to this group.  The Gulu group is just one of many who are all part of the total organization.) 


The grounds of the Comboni Animation Center, run by the Comboni Sisters, was the setting for this event.  As you can see from the photos, it was very conducive to reflection on God’s goodness!  

The theme for the day was listening to the Holy Spirit. Tony brought in many of his life's experiences as examples of how the Holy Spirit communicates....  Always in surprising ways.



Fr. Tony Wach, SJ
Two of the Comboni Sisters are our special friends:  Sister Agnese who recently left for her home visit in Italy, and Sister Cypriana who has returned from Sudan after professing her final vows at her parish.   

Father Tony is also a special friend of ours.  He is the one who started the Jesuit secondary school, Ocer (means Resurrection) the second year we were in Gulu.  We also share videos and books!

Fran, Pat, Agnese waving good-by, Patty
Pat, Cypriana, Agnese, Patty
As usual, the storm clouds began to gather by the time the closing meal was finished.  All managed to get home (or at least to a covered vehicle) before the rains began.